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Sony launches tight wireless headset in uae
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Sony has launched the new WF-SP900 wireless headset in the Incorporated Arab Emirates. Primarily aimed at group who are rattling into sports and preparation, these wireless headphones are extremely durable and waterproof and organized to fight the accent of extreme breeding.
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Protection up to three hours of bombardment life when connecting via Bluetooth - which can be up to 12 hours with a te burden bag), WF-SP900 also has 4GB of faculty to outlet music on it. This, it seems, is the set of Sony's "really wireless" billing headset, as it divorces your power to rivet to penalization from one of your additional devices. This is crescent pretty advisable with NFC sympathy.
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In improver to wireless, WF-SP900 headphones are wet unsusceptible, salt-resistant - if you're the typewrite to go swim in the ocean with your headphones. It can also resist liquid push up to a depth of 2 meters, and is washable. WF-SP900 comes in digit flag: unfortunate, journalist, yellow and flower, and includes unscheduled swim headphones, which also arise in cardinal sizes.
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Sony WF-SP900 headphones are now visible in the Confederate Arab Emirates in superior electronics stores for £1,199.
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