Beitrag Di 23. Feb 2021, 09:19

China successfully sends second probe around Mars in two day


Chinese official media reported that Tianwen-1 spacecraft successfully reached orbit around Mars. It is a milestone for China's space program, which includes the launch of a probe into the Martian surface.
The China National Space Agency (CNSA) has a statement that Tianwen-1 spacecraft Has successfully entered orbit around Mars It is China's first satellite to orbit Mars.
CNSA states that between May or June. Yan Tianwen-1 It will attempt to send a capsule containing a 240 kg probe onto the surface of Mars. In the part of the vast expanse of the northern hemisphere called Utopia Planitia (Utopia Planitia).
And if everything goes according to plan Surface rover will study soil and water traces on Mars. As well as searching for signs of living things for 90 days.
One day earlier The United Arab Emirates spacecraft has also entered orbit around Mars. To study the atmosphere and climate of Mars
And in a few days The United States Space Agency or NASA will also send spacecraft carrying surface rover and small helicopters to โป๊กเกอร์ออนไลน์ the surface of Mars.