How much energy does housework burn?

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How much energy does housework burn?


Cleaning the house Besides being tired Still bothering all the time Because when สล็อต วอเลท finished storing there Here is a mess again. Until all the chores are done, they play with the exhausted breath until there is hardly any time left to do anything, but today Hello Doctor has one more advantage of cleaning the house. Because besides a cleaner home, doing housework can also help you cut calories, but what kind of chores help you burn more calories?

How do housework help burn calories?
No time to go to the gym I couldn't go jogging in the park. Don't worry Because just cleaning the house at home Can help burn energy just like going outside to exercise Because of doing housework Classified as a type of activity Thermogenesis (Thermogenesis) or NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis) or in meaning means. It is a non-exercise activity. But can stimulate the body to produce heat Energy and metabolism Which is for those who do not like exercise Using activities like this to help boost your metabolism and generate energy is a good option. Which of course House cleaning Is one such activity By cleaning the house May help burn up to 150-200 calories per 30 minute chores.

What kind of household chores help burn energy?
The housework that must be cleaned and tidy You can say that there are so many that you don't know where to start. Because there is a lot of material to be responsible for cleaning But the household chores that are most effective in burning energy are as follows.

Household chores that burn about 2 calories per minute include:

Bed arrangement
Unexpectedly, just setting up and cleaning the bed Will help burn energy Pillow case replacement Stretched bed linen Are all using the muscles of both arms and legs Staying busy in cleaning and bed for 30 minutes can cut 187 calories.

Household chores that burn about 4 calories per minute include:

Vacuuming or mopping the floor
It can increase metabolism by moving your arms and legs frequently. Not standing in place Vacuuming or mopping the house for 30 minutes may help burn 99-120 calories.

Wiping and cleaning various surfaces
This type of cleaning sometimes requires tiptoe. This will help exercise both the legs and arms. Especially the calf muscles Or it may need to be cleaned in areas that need to be bent, stretching the arms as if doing this kind of housework. Is doing yoga in the body

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Household chores that burn about 6 calories per minute include:

Doing housework that requires moving objects
In addition to cleaning Still need to be lifted into the cabinet or storage shelf Carrying things around this It will exercise the muscles in the body. Especially the arm and shoulder muscles By wasting 30 minutes of moving these things, it could burn 105 calories.

Besides small household chores, the following heavy-duty chores can also help burn your energy.

Sweeping - collecting dry leaves
It is certain that both arms and legs are required. The wider the garden or area with dry leaves. The more labor and time required for cleaning Picking up dry leaves for 30 minutes can burn up to 120 calories.

Remove weeds
Some have beautiful gardens But because it is far from being taken care of, it may cause grass or weeds to vie for the beauty of the plants that have been planted. In which 30 minutes of mowing, weeding helps to burn 139 calories.

Washing the car
Have water and cleaning products ready. Chicago cars that drive every day It's time to clean up. By both scrubbing and rubbing to keep the car clean. Help burn 135 calories per 30 minutes.

Wash the dishes
The more dishes and utensils that need to be cleaned It takes more time and helps burn more. In which if the household equipment is large It takes 30 minutes or more to clean. Will be able to burn 187 calories per 30 minutes of washing dishes.

There are still other house cleaning jobs. Another one that is not included in this article. But every movement in cleaning the house All have to exert muscle strength The more exertion It helps in burning a lot. Another tip is If you want to make household chores more fun and moving May be playing background music for household chores Move the body to the rhythm of the music as well So as not to make the cleaning work in the area that has to stand still Not just exertion, it's clean, fun, and more importantly, burns energy as well.


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Re: How much energy does housework burn?


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