HUBLOT Big Bang Tutti Frutti Tourbillon Pave 345.PL.5190.LR

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HUBLOT Big Bang Tutti Frutti Tourbillon Pave 345.PL.5190.LR

A week on the wrist of Tudor Black Bay Greenwich Mean Time The popular Black Bay divers are always ready to travel, and you can become a charming companion no matter where you roam.Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT

Sports watches come in many shapes and sizes. Although I may like the old-school charm of high-quality diving watches or racing chronographs, for me, there is nothing comparable to a solid GMT. A good example is just like a diving watch, it will not appear inappropriate anywhere in the world. I think GMT has something special. Their spirit, simple yet powerful functions and their ability to adapt to any place in your life can take root.

In March last year, Tudor released Black Bay GMT at Baselworld, a handsome stainless steel travel watch whose appearance is established by the Black Bay diving watch The format is the same, and it also provides real GMT function. Following the establishment of Pepsi color bezels by Tudor brothers Rolex, Black Bay GMT is a fairly new road for Tudor, but because of its general Black Bay Black Bay) is well known for its roots and its similarities in aesthetics and functions-time great travel watch, Rolex GMT-Master II.

Black Bay GMT provides a strong value proposition with excellent design and novel movement (providing true GMT function), creating a quintessential sports watch for avid travelers. urwerk Watch price

Looking back at Tudor's past, the brand has never really produced a product that can be regarded as the true predecessor of Black Bay GMT. Of course, they have historically produced some GMT watches and even equipped Heritage Chronograph with a 12-hour smart bezel, but Black Bay GMT is unique in its product heritage and does not involve any specific Tudor reference or model . .

If you narrow it down, we will find that Tudor's brother Rolex does produce very similar watches in GMT-Master II. The GMT-Master II was originally launched in 1983 under the number 16760. It is based on the travel-ready appeal of the original GMT-Master developed by Rolex for Pan American pilots in the mid-1950s. For GMT-Master II, Rolex created this model around a new movement that provides local time hopping. Therefore, when you land in the new time zone, you can set the hour hand by adjusting the hour hand of the crown to change the local time in either direction. This function also includes the function of progress display or date retraction (if you fly past midnight), and the whole process can be completed without stopping the watch or even disturbing the position of other hands. If you fly a lot, this function is the next level.

Since its birth as the model 6542, GMT-Master has provided a 24-hour blue / red dichroic bezel, which enthusiasts call the "Pepsi" bezel. Other colors are also available, including red / black (called "Coke" border). Separate colors help portray day / night in the second time zone, and the color scheme has become one of the most striking visual design cues for GMT-Master and GMT-Master II. Rolex (Rolex) developed a red / blue Cerachrom bezel (using the function of a ceramic bezel insert), but paused a bit, but Pepsi's appearance returned to the 2014 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, the product number is white platinum 116719.Jacob Astronomia SKY replica watches

Earlier this year, Rolex fully shared the stage with the exact same Black Bay GMT, and released the steel version of Pepsi GMT-Master II in reference number 126710BLRO. Rolex has a blue / red border on the entire steel case and Jubilee bracelet, thus establishing a new Pepsi steel, because the brand discontinued the previous generation of products 16710 around 2007.

Although I know it 's weird to highlight the history of one watch to associate with another, the decision to design Black Bay GMT not only has the same function (awesome), but also pays tribute directly to Rolex 's GMT-Master series . It is worth mentioning. In terms of the history of Tudor relationship with Rolex (product level) and the latest development of its non-Rolex Black Bay series, Black Bay GMT is a watch that I believe few people expect. In addition, I believe its existence is inseparable from the clear vote of Rolex, that is, there is an undeniable existence in the low-end market of Submariner (more importantly, GMT-Master II).best quality replica watches

I have seen ETA and later Black Bay-based MT-based examples, and GMT is the only ergonomic model I have found. I remember in particular that the edge of the case I saw on ETA Black Bay a few years ago is quite sharp, so I think this is an excellent adjustment to the shape of the case, which undoubtedly makes Black Bay GMT easier to wear. By the way, the new "Black Bay 58" also does not have this bevel, so it does seem to be exclusive to GMT (for now).

In addition to the edge of the case, I found the Black Bay GMT on its bracelet a bit heavy, but I attribute it to my general attitude towards the bracelet. If you like sports watches on the bracelet, the Black Bay GMT wrist will not feel particularly heavy. The comfort is very good, and there are some tiny positions on the buckle, it is not a problem to get a proper fit.

The presence of the wrist is very similar to any other Black Bay, with a lot of readability, good luminosity and the bezel you just want to use. I really like the Black Bay GMT on my wrist, and because Black Bay divers are a well-known quantity at this point, many people already know how to wear it.Replica Watches For Sale

Although most of the images are from trips in San Francisco and Los Angeles (where I did n't change the time zone of my home in Vancouver), I was able to use the Black Bay GMT time zone jump feature on my last trip. If you travel a lot like me, this function is very convenient and you will be spoiled for it. My daily travel watch is Rolex Explorer II (16570), while Black Bay GMT has the same basic functions, but the 24-hour bezel takes it a step further. When the plane lands, you simply unscrew the crown, jump forward or backward to match the new area, and then join the flock to get off the plane.

Although I like the idea of ​​a travel watch like Black Bay GMT, I may prefer the casual but flexible general style of the watch. Like GMT-Master II, Black Bay GMT has a certain laissez-faire attitude. Although it is definitely not a dress up, if you want to jump to London for a meeting and then go to Geneva that night, Black Bay Greenwich Mean Time will not be misaligned, or it seems inappropriate on your wrist. Black Bay GMT, with its soft pastel colors, childlike charm everywhere and the ability to fit various belts, is more like a sports jacket than a tailored suit, which is very suitable for aaa quality watches


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Re: HUBLOT Big Bang Tutti Frutti Tourbillon Pave 345.PL.5190

The last doesn't accompany any exhibition issues and doesn't require any sort of directing whatsoever. In addition, it tends to be handily arranged when contrasted and BlueStacks.


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Re: HUBLOT Big Bang Tutti Frutti Tourbillon Pave 345.PL.5190

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