Resolution and mouse issues


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Resolution and mouse issues


I recently downloaded the newest version of the game, and added the patch by copy and pasting the files in and such. Ran in fullscreen at 1680x1050 Res. Everything worked fine but I couldn't turn right in game by moving my mouse to right. Whenever I tried, it would stopped at the edge of my PC's vision. I saw that other people had the same issue, but they said changing the resolution or going windowed mode would fix it. Testing it myself, I changed the Res on fullscreen but it didn't fix the mouse issue. Going into windowed mode did...but then I had another issue. All resolutions I chose were rescaled to 1536x864 Res, making the game pretty much unplayable. The game runs fine otherwise. Any suggestions on how to fix it? I really don't know where to start to fix this problem. Any help is highly appreciated!

Please help.

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Resolution and mouse issues

Hi Phil, I see theres a version ZD version 2 or updated version people are selling. Is this the same with yours and is there really any difference between the units?


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Resolution and mouse issues


I have a crappy laptop and I cant go to the kind of resolution that you can. This will help me

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