nject "vitamins" into the blood vessels. May be allergic, se


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nject "vitamins" into the blood vessels. May be allergic, se

Department of Medicine by the Institute of Dermatology Warning, avoid intravenous vitamin injection. Because there is no reliable research to confirm Allergic reactions to vitamin formulas may occur, both mild and severe. If it is a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, it can be life threatening. Importantly, if the injection was done by a quack or pocket doctor Infection may occur
Vitamin injection into a blood vessel Beauty trend for white skin
Dr. Somsak Akasil, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, revealed that at present, the intravenous vitamin injections are widely popular, especially in beauty parlors. It is believed that the methods of administering vitamins or substances Intravenous Will make the body get those vitamins or substances directly Without having to go through the process of absorption at the digestive system

Vitamin injection into a blood vessel Is it true that white skin is healthy?
There is currently no reliable research to confirm the benefits of intravenous vitamin percutaneous injections. In addition, the claimed parenteral vitamin injections contain a combination of several different formulations. These formulas are not yet accepted as international standards for skin treatment. In addition, some of the compounds used are likely to be substandard or not approved for safety. And the side effects of vitamin intravenous injections have not been studied on various systems. Of the body in both short and long term


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Re: nject "vitamins" into the blood vessels. May be allergic

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